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Start-Ups.Co is a blog that covers everything associated with startups, like startup news, reviews and interviews. Start-Ups.Co was founded in 2012 like a location for entrepreneurs and investors to keep informed about startups on the web.

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Our objective is to discover some of the most innovative, niche and interesting startups that our peers, entrepreneurs and investors need to know about.

Start-Ups submit their ventures not only for the review, but in addition to ensure that you our dear readers to depart your comments and reviews; your in-depth and high quality feedback will be very useful to Start-Ups to ensure that these phones optimize their service and/or product and also to significantly enhance their customers experience.

If your startup submission continues to be approved, we'll post an in-depth report on your Start-up on our online platform that will eventually create a massive exposure for your business as news of one's venture will go viral and spread throughout the web due to your Start-up post being read by thousands daily on our blog and will be provided for the whole RSS subscribers, Facebook followers! Although you can now submit a Start-up for consideration and review, only a select of people who meet our requirements will probably be posted.

In case your submission meets our requirements, you may be given a personal response within 2 trading days, to clarify your entire details, also to request additional information and content as needed.

Our requirements for any successful submission include:

An innovative and different startup venture concept along with a visually appealing website or service / product image as judged by our senior staff to become suitable for sharing with your readers. Suitability, among other criteria, is based on design, concept, technology, and sustainability.

How this will work?

There's basically two options regarding the submission procedure that is involded inside your application process.

If approved, you'll have the option to publish the actual info you have provided to us inside the below submission form which will consist a brief introduction regarding your venture or you could opt for a more in depth plus more thorough start-up description (recommended) that covers and tackles all facets and aspects of your company since inception till post-launch.

If you choose the greater comprehensive and much more analytical second option, we shall distribute to your email address contact information provided within the submission form; a comprehensive listing of questions in order for you to definitely kindly respond to them. Please note that individuals shall post precisely the info that has been presented to us on your part within the filled out and submitted questionnaire.

Kindly observe that it is possible to choose which option you desire to opt for in featuring your start-up post from your submission form itself.

business directory

Please while filling in the below submission form, kindly make certain never to copy paste your About Us page since it is, once we would like you to consist some time to write something unique and exclusive for our blog concerning your start-up description and the way your business competitive advantage factor can make it sticks out in the remaining crop. This will ensure a lot higher probability rate of approving your start-up application for review and including on our online platform.

One further note, To get a seamless no-hassle-involved report on your start-up blog or website, we have included a bit feature on our blog that has a reduced barrier of acceptance and approval than the much more selective, comprehensive and more analytical below options. You could submit your Start-Up website and blog to have an instant listing approval on the following page labeled “Start-Ups Directory”. It could still be an effective way for you to get noticed and increase your online presence over the web!

We would extremely appreciate it should you could link returning to us either by placing our “badge” in your site if you receive approved to become featured inside a post on our blog or by using the option presented to you ought to you opt for the much faster listing through using our “Start-Ups Directory”.

When you have a startup or work with one, just submit your start-up today!


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